Sit with me, speak with me, get to know who I am. You’ll find that you like who I am, and we will all have made a friend in the process.”

Nichole Letitia Byrom

My name is Nichole Letitia Byrom, and I’ve been transgendered all of my life. I was born with all of the physical characteristics of a male, but my soul has always been telling me that I’m supposed to be female.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with the transgendered population, please allow me a moment to provide a perspective you may be able to comprehend.

Being transgendered is like being blessed with the most wonderful gift in the entire world, yet simultaneously condemned by an incredible curse.

It’s a blessing because transgendered men and women see the world from a perspective which no one else can. It’s a curse because to be who we know we are, we’re forced to subject ourselves to the cruelest forms of hypocrisy, persecution and prejudice, and face the distinct possibility that we will become victims of the most insidious hate crimes anyone could possibly imagine.

We risk losing our families, friends and jobs, and we even face the possibility of attempting suicide due to an inability to deal with the sheer loneliness and emotional turmoil we endure as each day dawns.

This room you’ve just entered is my fortress of solitude. Within it you’ll be introduced to my emotions, my desires, the most intimate thoughts contained within the darkest, most painful, and most pleasing recesses of my mind.

Much of my poetry may be interpreted to be dark, disturbing, and full of regret and sorrow. Some of it will be pleasant and joyful, but regardless of your perspective on it, I hope that you’ll be able to envision within your mind the vivid portraits I intend to paint for you, so you’ll develop a greater understanding of my life as a member of our transgendered population.

I invite you now to enter my world, and to bring everyone you know along for an experience you may never forget.


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